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I’ve hiked consistently for years: once every month in 2019, twice a month in 2020, and every Saturday since January 2021. Through it all, I’ve learned everything about every possibility on every mountain trail.

I have gone on to mentor hundreds of hikers at Outdoorer to find their peace, healing, and freedom in the great outdoors—as I did years back. Now I am on a mission to get thousands more people to do the same by sharing invaluable hiking tips and life-saving advice.

Hiking is not a reserve for the fittest, the strongest, or younger ones. Done right, hiking is the one sport that people of all ages can resonate with to bring out better versions of themselves.

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High Altitude Hiking: The Concerns, Dangers, And How to Prepare 

As you continue reading through this post, you will gain knowledge and be able to answer the questions: - What is high altitude hiking? - What is altitude sickness, and what are the symptoms of mountain sickness? - How does one prepare for high elevation hiking? - How can you ensure safety during high-altitude hiking?

Elephant Hill Hike

Rising to 3,658m above sea level, Elephant Hill is the smallest of the five Aberdare Peaks. The 9.5km Elephant Hill hike starts at 2,500m above sea level, taking you through, quite possibly, the most dramatic hiking experience there is.

Mt Kinangop Hike

Mt Kinangop goes by the moniker “Mother Kinangop”; she is anything but motherly! Mt Kinangop hike is torturous, the summit is difficult to access and scaling it is a definite death wish for the average hiker.